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XALAX is an X-Yacht model Xc 42 year 2019 with build number 97 out of 99 boats built. The initial version of the boat type was launched in 2009 and after an upgrade in 2014 the last boats were delivered in spring 2019. Xc 42 brochure

Jonas & Carina Dyberg are owners of XALAX since March 2023 and home port is Göteborg, Sweden. We sailed X-37 QiXi since new 2006 and Jonas also did a lot of racing with Both boats sold 2022 and for the future we hope for longer journeys in time and distance with XALAX. Exactly what that means we do not know ourselves but probably we will stay in Europe. During 2023 we sailed in Sweden & Denmark and also for 2024 we expect to stay in Nordics. 

The name XALAX is “borrowed” from LEGO®. Our son played a lot with Lego as a kid and as much as XALAX was a virtual dream world for him, XALAX is our dream to explore the real world. Of course the facts that the name has two “X”, is symmetric (palindrome), is unique as a boat name, is short, nice looking and the Swedish internet domain was available had influence on our choice, even if the name is not female.